Our Approach

We organize independently and are not coordinating directly with the RNC, GOP, candidates or their campaigns. All donations go directly to ClarkCountyRepublicans.org to buy things like clipboards, voter registration forms, and drinking water for volunteers. 

Nevada's Cornerstone County

Nevada is the fastest growing state in the nation, and its ever changing political landscape is far more representative of the country than other early voting states. The swing state has long been a political leader in the general election, voting for the winning presidential candidate in 31 out of 38 elections. Knowing this, it is wrong to deny the immense influence Nevada has on the United States.

Clark County, home of the universally famous city of Las Vegas, is the most populous county in Nevada, charted at 2.2 million people in 2017. It's important to recognize the influence of it's residents' votes on the rest of the state, and the information a resident can access when selecting, and voting for, our future legislators is priceless. That's where I come in.

Our Story

Our Story

ClarkCountyRepublicans.org is a brand spanking new website and it has only been up for about 1 month but is rapidly growing. It was inspired by my inability to find Republican groups and activists in Clark County. I searched the internet, and nothing came up. I asked myself, "Where can I meet other Republicans? How can I volunteer? Whom can I vote for?" It seemed impossible that there were no resources to unite Republicans across the county, and if there were, why was it so difficult to find them?

I decided to create one myself; an information hub for all Las Vegas and Clark County Republicans. So I built this website and here you are, here we are. I could not do this without your interest, nor without the passionate candidates fighting for change, nor without the activists knocking doors and leaving annoying flyers behind. That's why I refer to the website as "us", because it is "By Republicans, For Republicans." And even though I've launched this snowball-turned-avalanche of a project, the website can't run without donations from supporters like you.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to have political information, media, and legislative resources all in one place so Clark County residents can make informed decisions about whom to vote for and support. On this website you can do things like register to vote, find fun events, volunteer with our voter registration drives, contact your legislators, and a bunch of other stuff you couldn't find anywhere else. I'm working hard to  keep up with you guys, and with your donations I could turn this into a super site if I could hire an assistant to split the work load. Please Donate Here

My next step is interviewing every congressional and state legislature candidate who is running for office in Clark County (57 seats). This is valuable to voters, but is timely and expensive to do, so please donate and I will make it happen. I realize that the June 9th primary election seems far away, but there are so many candidates to consider, that the more informed you are, the better chance to elect leaders that best represent you. Please, help me help you. You can make a difference by donating even a small amount like $2, or a generous one like $200. Click Here to Donate

Join me in fighting the good fight.

Sincerely, Jane



Meet the Team

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Jane out in the Field Registering Voters


Founder & Activist

Fighting the good fight, one registered voter at a time.

David the Dog dressed as Donald Trump


Mascot, Trump Impersonator

The only Republican loved by liberals.

Much needed assistant!

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Thank you for your interest in this website. I'm leading the effort in growing our movement stronger. Join me in fighting the good fight.