I spoke to Kevin Wall today. Do you know who Kevin Wall is?
Kevin Wall is a very famous conservative Republican Nevada Radio Talk Show Host of Live & Local - Now!
Mon-Fri 10am-12pm 790 TALK NOW - 1400am KKNR


Kevin wants to help us out, ClarkCountyRepublicans.org, by playing our ads and interviews on his radio station, alongside other loyal Republicans who are dedicated to turning Nevada RED in 2020. ClarkCountyRepublicans.org NEEDS YOUR HELP  to fund our grassroots organizing. We are going to need media, such as the radio, to reach hundreds of thousands of loyal Republicans across the state.

Can I count on your help?

It's going to cost $1500/month, and I'm hoping to have your commitment of $50/month for the first 2 months to get it started.

Can you please help us turn Nevada Republican again?

The thing is, people put money in baskets all the time without knowing where the money is going to, and some people are fortunate enough to afford expensive $200 dinners! With us, you know EXACTLY where your $50 is going: to help the Republican Party and you can see it and hear it actually happening for months at a time!!

We will have 10 radio spots each week, as well as live interviews talking about Nevada Republican events and rallies, promoting our candidates, recruiting volunteers to knock doors & register voters using state-of-the-art technology, organizing legislative action to fight for our values, and fundraising so we can do even more to save Nevada!

And for transparency, you can even call Kevin Wall's assistant Andrew Paul to verify this!

We only need to raise $600 more dollars.

If you can pitch in $50, we can fight for a Republican Nevada, and WIN.

Please click the DONATE button below. You won't regret it!