We need volunteers to help us run our voter registration booths at tabling events, knock doors in Clark County to register voters, feed the needy, and participate in city cleanups. These are great opportunities for individuals to see us in the community, ask questions regarding what we do, get people involved in the political process, and much more. There is no age restriction but volunteers under 16 must have parental consent.
We organize independently and are not coordinating directly with the RNC, GOP, candidates or their campaigns.

Volunteering is very easy.

Fill out the information below and a Volunteer Coordinator will contact you. Volunteers will be asked to signup for specific shifts, and will receive instruction and reminders from our Volunteer Coordinator. That's it.

The many benefits of volunteering with us:

We train our volunteers.

This is a great opportunity to get the training you need to work on political campaigns.
Experienced volunteers can build on skills they already have.

  • Basic Political Education

Learn about "election cycles", voter contact, the mechanisms of a political campaign, and more.

  • Voter Registration

Get people signed up to vote and explain how elections work.

  • Door-to-Door Canvassing

Understand how voter data and grassroots targeting works.

  • Phone Banking

Learn how to engage voters with meaningful conversations over the phone.

  • Teamwork

Strengthen your ability to work both independently and as a group.

  • Social Skills

Learn how to handle every situation in which voters object to your efforts.


Thank you for considering to volunteer with us, and we
hope to see you at our booths and events in our community!